Team Talent Acquisition

Need help with acquiring talented teams or new team members for you startup/scale-up in GreenTech or DeepTech?

Drop a line (below), let me know your dreams and how to contact you. I’ll get in touch to discuss your wishes.

DeepTech GreenTech Talent Acquisition

DeepTech – GreenTech Talent Acquisition

Experienced Talent Acquisition Enthusiast with a dedication to team building, including defining the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and working on underlying DNA/Culture aspects.

I have the privilege of serving as both a visible and behind-the-scenes Talent Acquisition Lead or In-house Corporate Recruiter for valued clients with whom I share a genuine connection next to some hardcore recruitment services.

Why do I do this?

Well, because I find immense satisfaction in the art of team building. It’s a challenging endeavor, but achieving remarkable results is possible once we establish a mutual understanding.

Throughout my career, I’ve worn many different hats, and I continue to do so. I’ve had the opportunity to play a pivotal role in sourcing and hiring talent across a wide spectrum, from bright quantitative working students to accomplished C-level executives (such as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and CTOs).

My experience spans various industries, including accounting, taxation, legal, notary, finance, online marketing, data analytics, IT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, engineering, and the emerging fields of GreenTech and DeepTech.

My true passion lies in supporting the growth of analytics professionals and engineers in DeepTech, whether they are students pursuing their bachelor’s or master’s degrees or seasoned experts, including PhD’s and MPhil’s. I’m actively engaged in building a community within the analytical, scientific, and technological realms, especially in the domains of GreenTech and DeepTech. This effort is a collaborative one, involving forward-thinking companies that are deeply committed to talent development, creating opportunities, and nurturing trust-based relationships.

If you’re looking to assemble a high-performing team and are open to exploring unconventional approaches for long-term success, I encourage you to reach out. I’m here to provide more information and contribute to the challenge of team building. Let’s embark on a journey to create something exceptional together, maybe even in a permanent position.