Junior Trade Operations Executive / Utrecht – The Netherlands

Junior Trade Operations Executive / Utrecht – The Netherlands


International Trading Company

Searching for a Junior Trade Operations Executive in Utrecht, The Netherlands for a client of mine. The client is an international trading company active in the trade and distribution of palm oil and part of a larger group. They trade with and deliver to customers all over the world, but from their Dutch, Spanish and Italian offices they focus mainly on the European continent.

With a young team of people, they have in recent years acquired a leading position in Europe and continue to grow fast. In total 7 people work at the office in The Netherlands and in all European offices 15 people are working.

The ambition is high. In Europe, the company is among the biggest traders in terms of tonnage shipped in palm oil. They continue to grow because they see opportunities and seize them (which is the quality of our team). All palm oil has sustainability certificates and the company is committed to even further ‘sustain’ the palm oil from seed to final product on delivery. This is not always an easy task given the major interests at stake, but they believe that there is no way back and the only way to go forward.

For expansion of our European operations I am looking for a Junior Trade Operations Executive Europe who will be based near Utrecht (The Netherlands) with a main focus on customers in Italy.

Position Junior Trade Operations Executive / Utrecht – The Netherlands

In your role as Junior Trade Operations Executive your focus is at all matters related to the transport of palm oil from European ports to the local customers in Italy. You do this in close cooperation with experienced colleagues. You are based near Utrecht, The Netherlands. You may travel frequently to Ravenna / Italy.

In your daily job, you are the one who organizes and controls everything related to the distribution of the oil. As you already (hopefully) have some experience in a Trade Operations Executive role, the work will be known to you:

Supply Chain / Distribution Coordination:

  • Arrange for goods delivery upon client’s request (Mainly Italian customers) via truck or other means;
  • Remain in close contact with trucking companies and ensure smooth delivery of the oil;
  • Oversee on a daily basis all matters pertaining to the inventory and stocks reconciliation (loading, post-loading etc.);
  • Ensure all post-loading documents (customs, certificate of analysis etc.) are in place;
  • Act as Italian liaison with shipper, customs, handling agents and port authorities;
  • Assist on timely collection of funds from customers;
  • Assess and improve current operations;
  • Ensure to maximize available stored volume and maximize sales and tank’s utilization.

Commercial and Market:

  • Maintain close relationship with customers, surveyors, fiscal agents and port agents and ensure compliance of customers’ requirements;
  • Generate cost and performance analysis on weekly and monthly basis;
  • Constant logistics reporting to team and management;
  • Assist on negotiation of inland freight rates / logistics costs and terms and conditions with suppliers;
  • Continue to improve entire extent business and improve volume and margin.

In your job you have a great deal of independence and you are an entrepreneur! Your entrepreneurship has to do with the fact that you play a crucial role in the whole distribution process. You are the spider in the web, you know what is going on and are able to address the issues assertive.

Also you play with the availability of the volumes in storage tanks by extraditing smartly. And once you have perfectly charged and delivered the goods within the stipulated time, you try to seduce the customer to pay just a few days before payment date. This assertiveness is appreciated and helps the company to be successful.

Further you work and think actively in the team. Together the team is strong, achieves exceptional results and can penetrate the market further.

Profile Junior Trade Operations Executive / Utrecht – The Netherlands

Ideally you have 1 to 3 years of relevant experience and you are able to nearly fulfil this role independently. Your experience is preferably in working with palm oil, but if you have a different experience and you think you can become successful in the role, I look forward to receiving your application.

You have at least an education in Logistics & Economics (or equivalent) at bachelor level and it is a plus if your are familiar with SAP Materials Management and Sales & Distribution.

You speak your languages, where English and Italian is a must. Preferably living in the Utrecht region or the willingness to move. Should you live in Italy and want to relocate, please apply also as I would like to discuss possibilities.

Frequently travel abroad should fit your personal situation.

The offer

A position within a relatively small and young team. Although the company is not a start-up, they have similarities: growing fast, sometimes unstructured (but managed to lead in the right direction) and a high ambition. Your input is more than appreciated, particularly in the area of Trade Operations: how is the company able to do it smarter / better, with less effort, but in perfect control.


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